Certain plug-ins don't allow parameters to be configured

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

For most VST and AU plug-ins, Configure Mode works without problems. Some plug-ins, however, don't correctly notify Live about their parameters. Here are some potential problems and workarounds:

Certain plug-ins (such as Reaktor and Omnisphere, or BFD 2) use their own system of parameter configuration. In these cases, automatable parameters must be set up in the plug-in first and then can be automated in Live. To do this:

  • Open the plug-in's 'Utility' menu (in the lower right corner of the plug-in window)
  • Click 'MIDI Learn' → 'Enable Host Automation'
  • Click any parameter in the plug-in GUI to enable it for automation

Certain plug-ins do not send specific messages (called “BeginEdit” and “EndEdit”) to Live. In these cases, try adding this line to your Options.txt file:


Please note that with this option enabled, plug-ins may need more time when switching presets.

Please refer to the following knowledge base article for more information about the Options.txt file.

Certain plug-ins send no automation information to Live. In these cases, there is currently no way to automate the plug-in parameters in Live.

Note: the last two problems are caused by an incorrect implementation of the plug-in. Please contact the developer of any affected plug-in and encourage them to fully support plug-in standards.