Automating plug-in parameters that can't be configured

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Certain plug-ins may have parameters which aren't exposed to Live's configure screen. There are several different ways to map or automate those parameters.

1. Enable the plug-in's own configuration system

Some plug-ins (such as Reaktor and Omnisphere, or BFD 2) use their own system of parameter configuration. In these cases, automatable parameters must be set up in the plug-in first and then can be automated in Live. To do this:

  • Open the plug-in's 'Utility' menu (in the lower right corner of the plug-in window).
  • Click 'MIDI Learn' → 'Enable Host Automation'.
  • Click any parameter in the plug-in GUI to enable it for automation.

2. Use MIDI learn

Some plug-in parameters may only respond to MIDI CC values. In this case you could use their MIDI learn function to directly map a controller to that parameter (however you won't be able to automate this in Live unless you use option 3 below). How to do this will vary from plug-in to plug-in, so check their manual for details.

3. Use CC-enabled Max for Live devices

Another useful workaround involves using a Max for Live device such as ControlChange8 or CC map8.

  • Place a CC-enabled Max for Live device before the plug-in.
  • Find the correct CC value for the parameter you want to control.
  • Choose this CC value in the Max for Live macro (and re-name it, if the device allows that).
  • Then MIDI map or automate the Max for Live macro using Live.


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