Cakewalk/rgc:audio SFZ(+) issues on Windows 64 bit systems

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All WIN 64 bit systems


  • When trying to load a SF2 (Sound Font) sample, SFZ/SFZ+ shows the message “Not enough memory” (even if the sample is just a few KB).
  • Sometimes it might be possible to load samples but they play back with poor quality.
  • Sometimes the user might run into these problems only when using several instances of the plug-in.


Apparently this plug-in is not (fully) compatible with 64-bit Windows systems and cannot handle memory larger than 2 GB. The same problem also appears in Cubase and Sonar.


  • In some cases it might help to change “Mode” to “PR32” in SFZ/SFZ+ (before loading a sample). This is a kind of disk streaming mode.
  • Some users have reported good results when using the SFZ 1.97 multi-core version.
  • If that doesn't help please contact Cakewalk support.