Live 8: Arpeggiator not in sync when track is armed

  • Live Versions: 4 - 8.2.6
  • Operating System: All


The Arpeggiator doesn't play in sync with the rest of the Live Set when the track is armed for recording or the monitor switch is set to “In”.


Live bypasses delay compensation on all tracks which are armed for recording. This ensures the lowest possible latencies when playing a software instrument in real time. Unfortunately, this will also affect the timing of Arpeggiator's patterns when it runs in beat-sync mode.


Live can be forced to delay-compensate all tracks regardless of their monitoring state by enabling the option ”-StrictDelayCompensation” via the Options.txt file.

For more detailed information on using the options.txt file, please refer to our FAQ section.

With Live 8.2.7 the behavior of this option has changed. Before Live 8.2.7 it was ON per default and now it defaults to OFF. The option can now be accessed via the entry "Reduced Latency When Monitoring" in Live's Options menu.


Reduced Latency When Monitoring Screenshot

Additional Information

Similar problems may occur with certain VST/AU plug-ins which make use of internal sequencers or arpeggiators.