EDU License FAQs

Am I eligible for the educational discount?

The EDU offer is available for students and teachers who are enrolled or teaching for at least 20+ hours a week.

How do I verify my educational status?

After purchasing an EDU license, you will be able to upload your verification through your account. We can accept a student ID or class schedule (students) or a work ID or employment verification letter (teachers).

Is there an educational discount for Push or Max for Live?

The EDU offer is available for new licenses of Live 9 Standard or Suite only, and does not apply to hardware or add-ons such as Max for Live.

Can I upgrade my educational license?

EDU serials can be upgraded a regular discounted pricing. There is not an educational discount available for upgrades.

Does the educational version of Live have the same features as a regular license?

An EDU license has all of the same features as a regular version of Live.