Push (standalone) stuck booting with flashing pads

When Push (standalone) software is updated, an earlier backup version of the software is saved on the unit. If Push (standalone) is stuck booting with blinking pads or experiences other issues after an update, follow the steps below to start Push using the backup version. 

  1. Turn Push 3 OFF. You may need to hold down the power button until it switches off completely.
  2. Turn Push ON again by pressing the power button once and releasing it.
  3. Once the pads start blinking, wait 5 seconds. Then press and hold the power button until Push switches OFF.
  4. Turn Push ON again. Push will start using the backup software and display the message:
    "Push was unable to start and switched to a backup version."

Note: After carefully following all four steps above, if Push still does not start, please follow the steps in the guide to recovery methods for Push (standalone).

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