Navigation and View Options in Live 12 FAQ

As of Ableton Live 12, most menus, views and controls can be navigated using the computer keyboard. Mixer controls and other view options have been updated and can be customized.

  • For a tutorial, visit Live > Help > Built-in Lessons > What’s New in Live > Keyboard Navigation / UI View Styling 
  • For tips on most features, type [?] to show Info View, then hover your cursor over the relevant feature. For in-depth explanations, visit the Live Manual.

Keyboard Navigation
Mixer controls 
Track controls

Keyboard Navigation

How do I use single-letter keyboard shortcuts when Computer MIDI Keyboard is enabled?
Shortcuts that contain a single letter key, such as S to solo a track, can be used even when the Computer MIDI Keyboard is enabled by adding [SHIFT], e.g., [SHIFT + S].

For a list of new keyboard shortcuts in Live 12, visit New Keyboard Shortcuts in Live 12. For a list of keyboard shortcuts in Live, visit the Ableton Live manual chapter, Live Keyboard Shortcuts.

Is Live 12 usable with a screen reader?
Live 12 supports screen readers. For in-depth information about updated navigation and keyboard workflows in Live, visit the Accessibility in Live Overview.

Mixer controls 

How do I show or hide Mixer sections, Sends and Returns?
As of Live 12, there are three ways to open the Mixer View control.

  • Click the Mixer view control at the bottom right corner of Live's window to expand or collapse the Mixer in either Session or Arrangement View. Using the drop-down menu next to the toggle, you can show or hide Inputs / Output, Sends, Volume, Track Options, Crossfader, Performance Impact, and Return Tracks.
  • In Live’s View menu, enable Mixer
  • Use the keyboard shortcut [CMD/CTRL + ALT + M].

Can I hide the mixer in Session View and show the mixer in Arrangement View, and vice-versa?
You can hide and show the mixer for each view independently. 

Track controls

How can I show or hide track controls and return tracks in Arrangement View? 
You can find show/hide options for track controls and return tracks in Live’s View Menu, under Arrangement Track Controls.


Why can’t I see the scroll bar?
The option Show Scroll Bars can be enabled in Live’s Preferences > Display/Input. Choose “Always” or “Only When Scrolling.”

How do I adjust the display contrast?
To choose a theme and adjust the appearance of Live, go to Live’s Preferences > Theme & Colors.  

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