Live 10 Technical FAQ

  • Live Versions: 10
  • Operating System: All

Accessing the Live 10 Beta

Live 10 is currently in Public Beta, due for official release on February 6th 2018. For information about how to become a beta tester for Live 10, please see our Live 10 Beta FAQ. Below we have answered some typical questions about the new features and functions in Live 10.


Can I import my own wavetables?

A lot of effort has been put into making the best sounding wavetables and we believe that they offer a lot of sonic possibilities. It is currently not possible to import your own wavetables.

How CPU intensive is it?

Compared to other wavetable synths it is CPU efficient. Please keep in mind that by nature wavetable synthesis can be very CPU intensive in comparison to other forms of synthesis, especially when using high polyphony and unison in combination. See our dedicated article on how to optimize Wavetable's CPU usage.


Can I use Capture for audio?

No, Capture is only available for MIDI.

How CPU-intensive is Capture?

Since Capture only works with MIDI information, it uses minimal system resources.

Why didn't Capture record notes from my hardware synthesizer?

The external hardware has to be connected by MIDI and enabled as an input on a MIDI track. Capture only works if the track's Monitor is set to IN or if the track is armed for recording. 

Multi-Clip editing

Does it work if there is an Audio track in between the selected MIDI Clips?

No, if an Audio clip is selected as well, Multi-Clip editing will not work.

I have the same notes in multiple MIDI clips. How can I see notes from inactive clips in Clip View?

Hover above the Multi-Clip Loop Bars to view the notes of each clip.


Can I edit Clip Envelopes for multiple clips simultaneously?

Clip Envelopes can only be edited for one clip at a time.

Arrangement Improvements

Does duplicating a track also copy automation?

Yes, duplicating tracks or clips will also copy automation to the new tracks.

How do I view Automation Lanes?

There is now a separate automation mode which can be toggled using the “A” key. You can toggle between track content and track automation for all tracks.


Why aren't the new Arrangement controls working (S/A/Z)?

Double-check that the Computer MIDI keyboard is not enabled. When it is enabled, these keys have different functions.

Can I edit automation for multiple tracks?

Automation can only be edited for one track at a time.

Library Content and the Browser

Can I use my Live 9 Core Library in Live 10? 

Adding the Live 9 Library to Live 10 is not necessary and therefore not supported: The Live 10 Library currently contains most of the same content as the Live 9 Core Library, with many new additions. 

Can I use my Live 8 Library in Live 10? 

The Live 8 Library can only be used in Live 10 by using the Live 8 Legacy Pack or by linking the Live 8 Library folder in the Places section of Live 10.

Can I open sets from Live 9 in Live 10? Can I open sets from Live 10 in Live 9?

Opening sets created in Live 9 can be opened in Live 10. However, sets created in Live 10 cannot be opened in Live 9.

Can I open Live 10 packs in Live 9? How do I get packs for Live 9?

Packs for both versions can be downloaded from your Ableton user account. If you own both a Live 9 and Live 10 license, you will be able to choose which version to download. However, Live 10 packs cannot be opened in Live 9.

Can I rename entries in the browser?

Categories and the default entries in Places (Packs, User Library, and Current Project) cannot be renamed. However, anything in Collections and the User Library as well as anything you add to Places, can be renamed. Right click on a Collection label or folder name to rename it.


You can also choose to hide individual Categories as well. Hover to the right of Collections and click the Edit link which appears in order to edit the Collections:




What is new in Live 10?

Check here for the full list of features and improvements.

What are the minimum system requirements for Live 10?

  • OS X 10.11.6 or later (Mac)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows10 (PC)
  • 64-bit only
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo processor (Mac)
  • 64-bit Intel® or AMD multi-core processor (PC)
  • Intel® Core™ i5 processor or faster recommended
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)


What are the new changes for Push?

Here's what's new for Push in Live 10.

Will Push 1 be supported?

Push 1 is continuously supported and it has every new feature that can be implemented, such as the new step sequencer. However due to technical limitations, certain new features are not supported on Push 1.


What is the "Start Stop Sync" feature?

"Start Stop Sync" shares Transport Start and Stop Commands between all Link peers that have the feature enabled.

It can be enabled, either in the preferences, or by right-clicking the Link button in the main UI. When Start Stop Sync is enabled the Link button will have a different colour than usual. The behaviour of Live being started or stopped remotely is the same as if the command was triggered locally within a Link Jam: Live will start according to its local beat time, quantisation, and start marker position.

Max for Live

What is SysEx support?

Max for Live devices can now send and receive SysEx, allowing deeper access to synthesizers —including full preset backup dumps, parameter control and more. 

What version of Max for Live can I use with Live 10?

Since Live 10 Suite comes bundled with Max, you don’t have to install Max separately. This version will be used by default; you no longer have to choose a Max version in Live’s preferences.

What happens if I own a license for Max 7?

Your Max 7 packages will be imported so that you can use Max 7 features inside of Live.

Why can't I edit gen patchers in Live 10?

It's not possible at the moment to edit gen patchers in Live 10, but this will be enabled at a later point, provided you have a standalone Max license.

Please note that Max for Live does not work when Live is in ReWire slave mode.