Live 9 to Live 10 Campaign FAQ

What’s my individual upgrade price and how do I upgrade?

To upgrade, sign-in to the Ableton account where your license is registered. Once logged in you can purchase your upgrade in the shop. Our campaign began on November 2nd 2017, and all purchases from then on will get a free upgrade to Live 10 once it is released in early 2018. 

I purchased Live 9 just before the announcement. Can I also benefit from this offer?

If you purchased Live 9 shortly before our campaign started, between October 2nd and November 2nd 2017, you will automatically get a free upgrade to the equivalent version of Live 10. You can find the details on your account page. For any further questions, get in touch with our Support team.

I purchased Live 9 from a store. Will I also get the free upgrade?

As long as you register your Live serial number to your account during the current campaign period, the free equivalent upgrade to Live 10 will be automatically applied to your license at release.

When will Live 10 be released?

Live 10 will be released in the first quarter of 2018. 

Do you offer a 20% discount on Push?

Our campaign is for software only.

I have an EDU license. Can I also benefit from the campaign discount?

Yes, you can upgrade your educational license during our campaign. There is no EDU discount for upgrades but you would be eligible for the 20% off offer.

To see the available price, log into your account and visit the Shop page. If you upgrade during the campaign, you will get Live 10 when it's released.

If you have Live 9 Suite EDU, you can pre-order Live 10 Suite.

Can I buy a new EDU license and get the campaign discount as well?

Educational offers cannot be discounted any further. If you purchase Live 9 Standard or Suite EDU during our campaign, you’ll get a free upgrade to Live 10 when it is available.

I'm currently using Live 1-8 (Standard/Suite). Can I benefit from the campaign discount?

Yes, if you purchase the discounted upgrade to Live 9 Standard/Suite during the campaign in our shop. With the release of Live 10, you will automatically receive the free upgrade. We recommend purchasing upgrades during our campaign, since the pricing will increase with the release of Live 10. 

I own Live Intro. How can I upgrade to Live 10 Intro?

We don’t offer upgrades from Live 8-9 Intro to Live 10 Intro. We recommend to either upgrade to Live 9 Standard or Suite during the sellout campaign. 

I own Live Lite. What are my upgrade options?

Live Lite can be upgraded to Live 9 Standard or Live 9 Suite (including a free upgrade to Live 10). You can view your individual upgrade pricing in our shop

We can’t communicate on possible upgrades to Live 10 Lite from earlier Lite versions, as there is no confirmed release date yet.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still buy the discounted upgrade?

Yes. You can find detailed information on all the payment methods we accept.

How will I get my Live 10 license?

If you are purchasing Live 9 during the discount campaign, your Live 10 license will be automatically registered to your account once the new version is released. 

When does your campaign end?

The campaign ends with the release of Live 10 in the first quarter of 2018.

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Live 9 Discount Kampagne FAQ
Live 9 ディスカウントキャンペーン よくあるご質問
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