Presets not recalled on VST/AU plug-ins

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

If a VST or AU plug-in preset fails to be recalled, or resets to a default preset when a live set is re-opened, it is likely the plug-in is outdated. This may occur after an operating system update, where the version of the plug-in is not fully compatible with the new OS. Also Mac Cleaner and similar cleanup utilities can delete AU presets and other important files.

The state of a plug-in is stored in a reserved binary data block in a Live set. This binary data block can only be read or written to by the plug-in itself. 

Usually re-installing the plug-in will resolve the issue.

  1. Make sure to download the most recent version from the manufacturer's website - copies installed from DVD or USB may be out of date
  2. We recommend installing plug-ins to their default system locations using our guidelines on Windows and Mac

In case that doesn't fix the issue, we recommend that you contact the plug-in manufacturer directly.