Live 32-bit discontinued

  • Operating System: All
  • Live Versions: 1 - 9

Due to persistent out-of-memory crashes during use, Live 9 is the last version of Live which will be available in 32-bit.

Live versions 10 and onwards are available in 64-bit only. It is possible to install two instances of Live on your computer in case you still need to continue using a 32-bit version of Live. 

Note: The 32-bit version of Live 9 will remain permanently available to download in your User Account.

The 32-bit version of Live (like all 32-bit applications) can use a maximum of 4GB of RAM only, which can quickly be exceeded when using large multi-samples or memory-hungry plug-ins, resulting in crashes.

In contrast, the 64-bit version of Live can use a theoretical maximum of 16 exabytes of RAM - much more RAM than computers actually have. This means you can work with Live Sets that are much larger and more memory-intensive than in the 32-bit version.

Legacy Plug-ins: If you are using legacy 32-bit plug-ins, please read our articles on using JBridge or 32 Lives to bridge plug-ins on Windows and Mac.