Supported sample formats

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All


Sampler supports the following sample formats:

  • GigaStudio (Live 10 and earlier)
  • EXS (Live 10 and earlier)
  • SoundFont (Live 10 and earlier)
  • Kontakt (Live 10 and earlier)
  • AKAI S1000 (Live 8 and earlier)
  • AKAI S3000 (Live 8 and earlier)

Kontakt .nki files can be imported only from .nki files that are of version 4.2.1 or older. This is because Native Instruments changed the Kontakt file format with version 4.2.2.

Note: As of Live 11 it is no longer possible to import .nki, .eks, .sf2, or .gig files into Sampler.

Live supports the following sample loop formats:

  • REX files are supported in Live Standard and Suite. They can be loaded into audio tracks and will play at the tempo of the Set. REX files can also be sliced to a new MIDI track. 
  • ACID Loops are supported, as they are .wav files with additional ACID loop tags. Live will not, however, use any specific ACID loop tags. 
  • Soundtrack Loops are supported as they are in .aif format. Live will not, however, use any specific Soundtrack loop tags. 


You may need to convert the sample format if it is not supported or if the file cannot be imported. Chicken Systems Translator is a paid file conversion tool that offers conversion to and from most popular formats.