Live 8: Essential Instrument Collection FAQ

  • Live Versions: 8
  • Operating System: All

What are the differences between Essential Instrument Collection 2 and the original Essential Instruments Collection?

The EIC 2 uses a new method of sample organization that results in significantly reduced loading times. In addition, EIC 2 includes a selection of presets from the Session Drums and Drum Machines products.

Should I uninstall EIC 1 before installing EIC 2?

It is not necessary to uninstall EIC 1 before installing the new version. When installing EIC 2 over a previous installation, Live will ask you whether or not it should delete the original samples.

If you choose to delete the original samples, Live will remove the entire EIC 1 installation automatically and install EIC 2 presets and samples. If you choose to keep the original samples, the EIC 2 presets will replace the EIC 1 presets but no samples will be deleted. Choose this option to retain backward compatibility with Live Sets that use the EIC 1 content. Please note that this option will require more disk space than an EIC 2-only installation.

I would like to save disk space when upgrading to EIC 2. If I choose to remove the EIC 1 samples, will this affect my existing Live Sets?

If you like to remove the EIC 1 samples to save disk space, there are two ways to make sure your existing Live Sets using EIC 1 presets will still work:

1. Update your Live Sets to reference the new EIC 2 samples:

  • Install EIC 2 and, when prompted, choose to remove EIC 1 samples.
  • Open the Live Set you wish to update - it should show missing samples for all EIC 1 presets you used in this Live Set.
  • Press the Hot-Swap button in the EIC 1 preset and reload the same preset from the Device Browser. It will now reference the new samples from EIC 2.

2. Run “Collect All and Save” on your Live Set before upgrading:

  • If you want to make sure individual Sets from Live 6 stay unchanged, it is recommended to save the Live Sets as self-contained Projects before upgrading to EIC 2.

EIC2 hangs while installing, what should I do?

Make sure you have the latest version of Live installed from Your Account.

Most of the the EIC Live Packs are quite large as they contain multi-sampled instruments that provide different velocities and articulations. Installing those large files into the library might take a lot of time and may cause Live to temporarily appear unresponsive. Please do not force quit Live or kill the process.

EIC2 Woodwinds pack does not install, what should I do?

Some Essential Instrument Collection 2 DVDs contain a corrupt Woodwinds.alp.

Please download the updated version of the Woodwinds.alp (1,9 GB, for PC and Mac).

This Woodwinds.alp doesn't include the instrument AltoSax any longer. You can download this one additionally (132 MB, for PC and Mac).