Saving Projects

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Saving project files

You can save a Live Set from the File menu:

  • Save Live Set saves the currently open Live Set and keeps the same name and location.
  • Save Live Set As... lets you to choose a new name and a new location for the Set.

Live creates a new Live Project folder when you save a Set for the first time. Make sure that this Project folder is not saved inside an existing one. The Project folder contains the Live Set(s), and all related files.

Each Live Set you create should be saved in its own individual Project folder. Saving multiple Live Sets in the same Project folder can cause file management issues and can slow down Live significantly.

To make sure that all samples used within the Live Set are saved within the Live Project folder, we recommend using Collect All and Save when saving your Live Sets.


It is always recommended to save new projects under a new name and in a folder location outside of any other Project folder.

Note: The User Library is a Live Project itself. Saving your Live Sets into the User Library is not recommended as it will only create an .als file, but not the entire Project folder and can lead to problems when trying to find missing samples.


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