Authorizing Live 4 and 5

  • Live Versions: 4 and 5
  • Operating System: All

Before working with Ableton products, it is necessary to authorize them for use with your computer. Due to changes on the Ableton server, older Live versions like Live 4 and Live 5 can only be authorized offline:

  1. First, install Live on the computer that you wish to use it on. Live 4 and Live 5 can be downloaded from the Download Archive.

  2. When starting Live, you will see a dialog to enter your Live serial number:Unlock_L4_2.png
  3. Live will display another dialog window in which the Hardware-Code of your computer is shown, as well as further information regarding the Offline Authorization process:Unlock_L4_3.png
  4. Please note down the Hardware-Code of your computer and log-in to your Ableton User Account. Select the Live 4 or Live 5 license from the license chooser and click on "authorize offline":AuthorizeOffline_1.png
  5. Enter your hardware code into the first four text boxes and leave the remaining two boxes empty:AuthorizeOffline_3.png
  6. Click "Download". The Ableton server will generate an authorization (.txt) file to authorize Live.
  7. In Live, click "Load Unlock Key" to load the downloaded authorization file.Unlock_L4_4.png