Third party Set won't open in Live Lite

Live Lite is a limited feature version of the program that may not contain all elements used in third party Sets made in full versions such as Standard or Suite. 

If you open a Live Set that was not made in Lite, you may receive an error message that certain features are not available.

You will see that saving and exporting have become deactivated when you load the Set.


You will also see this message in Live's Preferences under the Licenses Maintenance tab. 


To work with the Set you will need to find and remove any non-Lite elements. This can sometimes be difficult if the project uses many nested Instrument Racks.


Once the non-Lite elements are removed, you can re-authorize Live in the Preferences under Licenses Maintenance > Authorize with

After the program is re-authorized you will be able to save and export the Set as normal.

If you wish to avoid some limitations we suggest working with Sets you know are made in the same Live version, or start your own from scratch

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