How to disable power throttling on Windows

  • Live Versions: 9 - 10
  • Operating System: Windows

Power throttling is a feature in Windows which extends the battery charge when using a laptop which is not connected to its power supply. Unfortunately this can limit the resources available to Live, resulting in audio crackles, dropouts or other adverse performance issues.

The easiest solution is to simply connect the computer to its power adaptor, as applications are throttled only when running on battery.

However, it's also possible to disable power throttling by choosing the high performance plan and adjusting the settings.

Choose the high performance power plan

  • Open Control panel and go to Power Options.
  • Then choose the High Performance plan:


This could already solve any throttling related issues in Live. If necessary, you can also adjust the minimum and maximum processor state in the advanced settings.

Adjust minimum and maximum processor state

  • Click Change Plan Settings -> Change Advanced Plan Setting -> Processor Power Management.
  • Then expand minimum and maximum processor state and set all to 100% as shown here:


Note: Disabling power throttling will drain the laptop battery faster.

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