CPU spikes, audio dropouts or glitches with certain Intel i5/i7 Processors (Win)

  • Live Versions: 9 - 10
  • Operating System: Windows

Live's CPU meter spikes to high values, resulting in drop-outs, crackles or glitches in audio. None of the solutions in the article on how to reduce CPU load in Live fix the issue.

CPU throttling may need to be disabled for certain computers running Intel i7 chips.

Also called "dynamic frequency scaling," CPU throttling is commonly used to slow down the computer whenever possible to use less energy and conserve battery. It is also used to make the system quieter. At slower speed the CPU chip generates less heat and the fan, which is typically the noisiest component in a computer, can be made to run slower. However this setting may adversely affect the performance of the computer, especially when performing intensive tasks like audio processing or gaming.

How to resolve:

Open Control panel and go to Power Options -> Change Plan Setting -> Change Advanced Plan Setting -> Processor Power Management-> Set Minimum Processor State to 100%.


Note 1: Using this setting will increase your system's energy consumption, therefore if using on a laptop it should be plugged in at all times otherwise you will deplete the battery much quicker.

Note 2: If this setting doesn't show up automatically in Power Options, then you may need to modify the registry to make it display. Please follow the instructions in this external resource to modify the registry and to disable CPU Throttling

Further Troubleshooting

In case performance is still not improved, other i7 users have reported that disabling hyperthreading helped instead. Please follow the instructions in this external resource to disable hyperthreading on i7 chips