User Account FAQ

How can I reset my account password?

To reset your password, visit the login page and choose the "Forgot Password" option. You will then be sent further instructions to the registered email address.

Can I change the email address I used to register?

You can update your preferred contact details by logging into your account and visiting the "Personal Details" section. 

How can I find my missing account details?

If you do not remember your account log in, or which email address you used to register, please contact Support and provide: 

1. Your Live serial number.
2. Any email addresses you may have used for the log in.

How can I find my missing serial number?

If you do not have your Live serial number, reach out to Support and provide the details described in our Retrieving a missing serial number article.

Can I sign up for the Ableton Newsletter?

You can sign up for the Newsletter directly in your account under the Personal Details section. 

How can I register for the Ableton Forum?

The forum is available to Live license owners. To set up an account, visit the Forum.

Can I view my forum username in my account?

You can find your username in your Ableton user account by clicking on "Personal details":


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