Upgrade Kit FAQ

What is the Upgrade Kit? 

The Upgrade Kit allows you to upgrade Push to the Standalone version. With the standalone components installed, your Push will be the same as a Push bought with a processor. 

Where can I purchase the Upgrade Kit? 

The Upgrade Kit can be purchased in our webshop.

Can I pay in installments? 

Payment in installments is available in some countries. Add the Upgrade Kit to your cart and proceed to the checkout page, where you’ll have the option to pay in installments if available.

Are there further upgrades for my Push Standalone?

We currently only offer an Upgrade Kit from Push to Push (standalone.)

Do you offer different options for memory capacity and CPU? 

Currently, we offer an upgrade to the Push (standalone) specifications. For more details, visit the Push webshop.

How do I install the Upgrade Kit?
The Upgrade Kit includes all the parts and tools you need to upgrade your Push at home. Please follow the step-by-step guide

What is the refund policy? 

To request a refund, contact us within 30 days of purchase via the Support contact form. We will honor the 30-day period even if you only contact us on the last day, there is no need to send the device on your own. Learn more about Ableton's refund policy.

Can I purchase the processor and memory separately? 

The processor and memory are only sold as a bundle. 

I lost my screws or screwdriver, can I purchase replacements? 

If you lost parts of the Upgrade Kit, please contact us via the Support contact form.

Can I resell my Upgrade Kit?
For information on reselling Upgrade Kit, contact us via the Support contact form.

Is the Upgrade Kit available in my country? 

To check availability in your region, visit the webshop and select your country.

Why is the Upgrade Kit not available in my country?

Due to differences in regional policies for electronic devices, the Upgrade Kit may be unavailable from Ableton.com in some countries.

Can I upgrade with third-party parts? 

Upgrading your Push with third-party parts is not supported, and doing this voids the Push warranty.

Learn more about Push 3 Upgradeability with Third-Party Parts.

What is the Upgrade Kit warranty period?
The Upgrade Kit comes with a 3-Year Ableton Warranty. Learn more about Ableton warranty conditions.

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