Discount Campaign FAQ

What is the discount campaign?
For a limited time, a discount of 20% applies to:

- New licenses for Ableton Live 11 Intro, Standard, and Suite
- Upgrades 
- Pre-orders

Any new Ableton Live 11 license or upgrade purchased during the campaign includes a free upgrade to the equivalent edition of Live 12 (Intro, Standard, or Suite) once Live 12 is released in early 2024.

Is there also a 20% discount on Push?
From November 14th until November 30th only, you can save 20% on Push Standalone. For further pricing and offers, please check the Push webshop

Does the campaign discount apply to educational licenses?

The campaign discount can’t be combined with other discounts, such as the educational and multi-license discounts. Educational licenses can however be upgraded with the 20% discount. To see your pricing options, log in to your Ableton account and visit the webshop.

Can I buy a new EDU license and get the campaign discount as well?
Educational discounts can’t be combined with upgrade pricing. However, if you purchase Ableton Live 11 Intro, Standard, or Suite EDU during the campaign, you’ll get a free upgrade to the equivalent Live 12 edition on release. 

How can I find my upgrade price if I have an existing Live license?
To see your upgrade options and pricing, sign into your Ableton account and visit the webshop

I own Live Lite or Intro. What are my upgrade options?
Ableton Live Lite and Intro can both be upgraded now to Live 11 Standard or Live 11 Suite, including a free upgrade to Live 12 Standard or Suite when Live 12 is released. Or, you can pre-order an upgrade from Live 11 Intro to Live 12 Intro. View your individual upgrade options and pricing in the webshop

Will I also get a free upgrade to Live 12 if I purchase Live 11 from a store?
As long as you register your Live 11 serial number to your account during the campaign period, a free upgrade to Live 12 is included.

What payment methods are accepted?
Here you can find detailed information on accepted payment methods.

When does the campaign end?
The campaign ends with the release of Ableton Live 12 in early 2024.

When will Live 12 be released?
Ableton Live 12 will be released in early 2024.

How will I get my Live 12 license?
When Live 12 is released, your Live 12 license will be registered automatically, and you’ll be able to download the application from your Ableton account. Due to a high volume of requests on the date of release, please allow some time for the download to be visible in your account. Thank you for your patience!

Learn more about how to pre-order Live 12.

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