Push 3 Upgrade Kit installation FAQ

For step-by-step instructions on how to install the Push 3 Upgrade Kit, visit this guide:

When I try inserting the processor as demonstrated in the tutorial video, it’s not easy to press down the bottom antenna head. What should I do?

When pulling back on the chassis, if the antenna doesn't slide in easily, remove the neighboring screw on the inner bottom shell to give it a bit more wiggle room. This screw should be re-installed once the antenna is in place.

I accidentally mixed up the screws when installing the Upgrade Kit. How can I tell which is which?

Push 3 Upgrade Kit includes the following screws:

Upgrade Kit Screws


Processor 2
Battery 1
Heatsink 5
Backplate lifter 1


If I installed the incorrect screw into the battery and I can visibly see the Push 3 case bulging from the top side of the encasing. What should I do? 

Immediately remove the screw and add the correct battery screw as this may cause permanent damage to the PCB and unfortunately may not be repairable. 

Do I void my warranty if I install the Upgrade Kit incorrectly and damage the unit? 

Yes, click on the links for more information on the details of our Push Warranty Information and Push Return policy.

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