Push 3 Adapters

Push 3's hardware ports allow connection with external hardware. To use the MIDI In and Out ports, or to send CV from Push’s pedal ports, use the corresponding Push adapters, available on the Ableton webshop.

Push hardware ports

4: MIDI In and Out ports
8: Dynamic (pedal) ports: Switch between pedal input and CV output

Push MIDI adapter

Push uses TRS-A as a standard MIDI connection. The Push MIDI adapter can send or receive MIDI data from Push’s MIDI In and Out ports. 

Note: There are two types of 3.5mm Jack to Midi converters.
Push 3 uses TRS-A as a standard MIDI connection. TRS-B adapters will not work.

Find out more about how to set up MIDI devices in the Push manual.

Alternatively, if an adapter is not available, use a compliant 3.5 mm plug to Type A 5-pin MIDI jack.

Push CV adapter

The Push CV adapter can send CV from Push’s two stereo pedal ports to external devices with CV inputs. With two CV adapters, a maximum of four CV signals can be sent from Push. Alternatively, if an adapter is unavailable, use a single 6.3 mm TRS plug to a dual 3.5 mm TS jacks adapter.

The CV adapter is a splitter cable with two adapters, color-coded to correspond to the stereo pedal port. The white label corresponds to the left signal marked as CV1L or CV2L, while the yellow label corresponds to the right signal, marked CV1R or CV2R. To access and configure CV1L, CV1R, CV2L, and CV2R, refer to the routing pages found in CV Tools Pack devices in standalone mode.

Learn more about how to configure CV Out in the Push manual.

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