Retuning MIDI notes for a different Tuning System

What happens to MIDI notes when I load or remove a tuning system? What does the option “Retune Set on loading Tuning Systems” do?

When the Tuning System of a Live Set is deleted or changed, existing MIDI notes won't produce the same pitch. Live has two options to deal with this situation.

  • With the Option menu setting "Retune Set on loading Tuning Systems" enabled, MIDI notes in existing clips will either be moved to the tuned note that is nearest in pitch, or deleted. As this is a destructive action, a pop-up will warn you about it.
  • With "Retune Set on loading Tuning Systems" disabled, in the new tuning MIDI notes will retain the same note index as in the previous tuning. This change is non-destructive, so there is no pop-up. However, the notes likely won't play the same pitches as before.

For more information, visit the Tuning Systems FAQ.

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