MPE-fähige Presets

In Lives Core Library und Packs befinden sich zusätzliche MPE-fähige Presets, die über die Kategorie MPE Sounds hinausgehen. Die Presets, die MPE verarbeiten können, sind unten aufgelistet. Dazu ist angegeben, auf welche MPE-Eingangsdaten sie reagieren: Pressure (Druck), Slide (Gleiten), Slide & Pressure (Druck und Gleiten) oder Note Pitchbend Only (nur Noten-Pitchbend). MPE-fähige Presets sind hier zu finden:

Core-Library: Sounds
Core-Library: Instrument-Presets
Pack-Inhalte mit MPE-Sounds im Bundle mit Push 3

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Core-Library: Sounds




Slide & Pressure

Note PB Only

Ambient & Evolving Dark Swarm, Interplanetary Trip Pad, Lab Ambient ASMR Cave Texture, Dream Grain Drone MPE Bower Close, MPE Inside Angel, MPE Objectivism Drone, Sunrise Waves Multitude Of Space, Pitched Ambience, Seashore Pad, Textural Machine


808 Drifter, 808 Pure, Basic Saturated Bass, Complex Gut Kicked Bass, Fat Leather Bass, Fat Square Bass, Ghost Rave Bass, Intense Pluck Bass, Noise Bass, Reese Bass Filtered, Skanker Bass, Sub 808 Pitch Boom, Wub Bass Basic 303 Bass, Basic Analog Bass, Basic Electric Drive Bass, Basic Trigger Bass, Body Bass, Complex Cletter Bass, Complex Reese Bass, Glass Stomper Bass, Harsh Computer Bass, Mondo Star Bass, Ominous Thud, Sub Cave Bass Basic Reese Bass, Hammer Bass, MPE Her Desher Bass, MPE Source Bass, Pixelated Bass, Reese Shape, Reese Throat, Screamer Bass, Sub Stomach, Subtle Wobble Bass, Synth Pop Bass, Synthetic Kick Bass Basic FM House Bass, Basic Organ Bass, Basic Sub Boom, Complex Grunge Bass, Complex Neurologist Bass, Esperienza Bass, Go Bass, Jarble Disto Bass, Plain Bass, Screech Lead Bass, Talking 808 Bass, Thermal Runway Bass
Brass Basic Silk Horns Woozy Brass Luna Dreaming, Poly Synth Brass Chord Analog Brass, Duality Brass, Moody Fanfare
Drum Racks   MPE Analog Kit, MPE Synth Lab Kit    
Effects Rave Signal Rain On The Servers MPE Alder Waldgeist, MPE Sci-Fi Flicks, MPE Slide Swarmer, MPE Thunder Drum Complex Zipper FX, Dead City FX, ENCOM Riser
Guitar & Plucked Multi Saw Pluck, Shimmer Pluck, Soft Attention Basic Guzheng, Basic Radar Pluck, Basic Vintage Pluck, Creep Pluck, Dub String, Lift Delay Pluck, Mountain Guitar, Oscillation Guitar, Ocean Pluck, Palm Guitar, Single Coil Thumb  Basic Flange Harp, Basic Nylon Concerto Guitar, Basic Shamisen, Glass Guitar, Ionosphere Guitar, MPE Dulcimatica, MPE Slide Pluck FM, MPE Smeary Plucks Drippy Cave Pluck, Drubb Stabs, Kyoto Pluck, Membrane Pluck, Miami Pluck, Tube Lead Pluck, Water Pluck
Mallets Ambient Computer Bell, Basic Analog Chime, Cycle Chimes Metropolis Bells, Misty Bells, Plastic Toy Balsam Gamelan, Basic Bells, Bell and Swell, Corrosion Bells, Island Bells, Nostalgic VHS Bells, Spetses Bell Dusty Bells, Ethereal Brushed Bells, Fake Phone, Orbit Mallets, Product Bells
Pad Awakening Pad, Basic Digi Pad, Boxed Pad, Casino Blips Pad, Con Amore Pad, Echo Pad, Freudian Pad, Goddess Flight Pad, Sandman Pad, Scream Shim Pad, Soundtrack Lore Pad, Space Blip Pad, Van The Man Pad, Vaporesque Pad, VHS Dreams Basic Brass Pad, Cave Talkers Pad, Classic Ensemble Pad, Covalent Theorem Pad, Daysleeper Swells Pad, Dreamlike Motif Bells, Echo Moved Pad, Frozen Rings Pad, Hit Slide Pad, Metal Pad, Moving Pictures Pad, Pearlescent Tides Pad, Ruggine Pad, Shy Guy, Silky Sheen Pad, Wet Air Pad Abilene Winter Pad, After Glow Pad, Bronto Pad, Chord Eno Pad, Dark Cinema Pad, Dark Corner Pad, Dark Poly Pad, Dojo Sky Pad, FM Cassini Pad, Format World, Ghost Choir Pad, Ghost Ship Pad, Inclement Drone Pad, Lo-Fi Reso Pad, MPE Airy Pad & Sub, MPE Gravity, MPE Velvet Robe, Perception Pad, Power Plant Pad, Sitar Soundtrack Pad, Slide Orchestrator, Starshower Pad, Tube Step Pad, Wailing Poly Pad, Windwhistle Pad Chord Anthem Pad, Dunkel Pad, Mourning Stories Pad, Phasing Bell Pad, Rectangular Bliss, Screech Pad, Slow Drown Pad, Spectral Movement Pad, Sweeper Saege Pad, Thicket Wail Pad, Vapor Chimes Pad, Voicelike Pad
Percussive Hyper Pot, Hyper Snare      
Piano & Keys

Clav Variations, Organ House

Clav Rebel Musak, E-Piano Light, Kuti Keys, Organ Transistor Series, Rhodish Keys Organ Angry, Organ Plus Synth, Organ Rough  
Strings Off World Strings, Razor Strings, Synth Bow M Tron Strings, Magnetic Strings Cello Bow, Cruiser Strings, Feedback Bow, Synthetic Choir Strings, Synthetic Strings, Warping Strings Evangelis Strings, Second Stellar Strings
Synth Keys Abyss Keys, Ashburn Funk Keys, Basic Electronic Keys, Basic Teared Down Keys, Basic Trip Keys, Canadian Keys, Cars In The 80s Keys, Dark Sky Keys, Dusty Memory Organette, Fez Keys, Fluttering North, Fuzzy Analog Keys, Night Crystal, OK Corral Keys, Primaneve Keys Complex Morphed Keys, Galleon Pianola, Hyaline Mentality Keys, Orange Sky Keys, Rezowire, Shapemod Keys Analog Emulation Keys, Basic Bell Keys, Broken Token, Cathedral Keys, Chord Afterfade, Contact Keys, MPE Evil Underneath, MPE FM Land, MPE Mahogany Rose Organ, MPE Monomorph, MPE Sine Pressure, MPE Velocity Grain, Peculiar Galaxy Keys, Phase Keys, Synth Pipe Organ, Tape Beast Keys, Vintage Saw Keys Chord Det Keys, Faded Keys, Koleko Plux Keys, Little Synth Piano, Organ Mutations, Stars Keys
Synth Lead Basic Glide Lead, Basic Retro Lead, Filtered Sync Lead, Floppy Disc Lead, UK Siren Lead Basic Peak Lead, Basic Wind Lead, Bottle Blower, Complex Rotor Lead, Drifting Interferences, Homebound Lead, Parade Saw Lead, Standup Lead, Theremin Whistle Chord Vintage Lead, Flute Synth, Nature Lead, Noise Sweep Lead, Robot Lead, Rogue Mischief Lead, Sparkle Lead, Subterranea Lead, Swirl Lead, Sync Electrik Lead, Syripples Lead, Toxic Lead Freak Bounce Lead, Rave Lead, Super Soover Lead
Synth Rhythmic Pulsing Organ Synth, Rhythmic Paradise Pad, Sencha Arp, Space Arp Basic Pluck Arp, Basic Retro Arp, Basic Signal Arp, Cloud Cover Arp, Digital Whisper Pulse, Eurythmical Arp, Felixian Pluck Arp, Mouse Arp, Rhythmic Oshima Pluck Downwards Retro Arp, Level Ives Pad, Lightest Night Arp, MPE FM Arp, MPE Metallic Keys, MPE Polypulse Pressure, MPE Spieluhr, Neuro Pulse Bass, Pulsing Click Pad, Pulsing Raum Keys, Steeple Chaser Arp, Uplift Strings Arp Rhythmic Filter Keys, Rolling Hi Tech Perc


Core-Library: Instrument-Presets

Instrument   Pressure Slide Slide & Pressure
(nur Suite)
Brass Horn2 Hollow Brass, Mellow Notch Brass, Saw Pure Brass    
  Piano & Keys E-Piano Muted Pure, Organ Church Slow, Organ Octaves Slow, Organ Vibrato    
  Synth Keys S&H Muted Keys, Saw Elegant Thick Keys, Synth Organ Long Release, Tremolo Tines   Soft Morning Keys
  Synth Lead Dual OSC Buzz Lead, Dual OSC Muted Sweep Lead, Dual OSC Sync Bright Lead, Fourths Lead, Metalic Lead, S&H Pluck Slow Lead, Saw Detune Sync Lead, Square Sync Lead    
  Synth Pad Bright Thin Sweep Pad, Charry Pad, Fifth Pad, Glass High Strings Pad, Glass Low Strings Pad, Square Sync Tremolo Pad, Strings Detuned Pad, Thick Chord Pad    
(Suite Only)
Mallets Bell Airy, Bells Attack, Bells Deep, Vibes Mellow, Vibes Modulated   Music Box Slide
  Piano & Keys E-Piano Dreamy    
Drift Bass   Climb The Ladder, Dub Wob Bass, Floot Bass, Sol Bass, Vintage Chorus Bass Clob Bass
  Mallets   Bell Wave, Echo Bells, Hickory Bells, Majestic FM Bells, Ranger Bells, Synthetic Xylophone, Toy Xylophone  
  Pad   Gentle Pulse Pad, Shark Pad, Wave Pad Metallic Swell Pad, Synth on Screen
  Percussive   Analog Ride, Analog Tom, FM Halfstep Clang, FM Halfstep Sticks, FM Halfstep Whirr  
  Piano & Keys   Bellatine, Paddles Out, Transistor Reeds  
  Plucked   Chirp Pluck, FM Four Pluck, Glacial Tolerance, Trinidad Plucks, Darkened Strings, Slow Roll Strings Star Dust Strings
  Synth Keys Keynell, Retro Bell Keys Arcade Split, Delta Polylogue, Floom, Numan Keystrike, Orbit Ray, Slip Sliding La String Machine
  Synth Lead Kentucky Lead Hubus Lead Game Console
(Suite Only)
Ambient & Evolving     Soft Industry
  Bass Acid Meltdown Bass, Fine Pulse Bass   Analogue Bass, Saw Filtered Bass
  Effects Click And Finer Cuts, Click Noise, Plock Blip, Reso Clicks, Strange Space Beats, Zirp Sync Noiseloop LoFi Warp Drone, Space FlicFlac, Strange Beats 1, Strange Beats 2
  Synth Keys   Classical Keys, Smooth Synth Keys DnB Tools 1 Lead, DnB Tools 2 Lead, DnB Tools 3 Lead
  Synth Lead   Arp 5th Lead, Glidesynth Lead 1, Glidesynth Lead 2, No 3O3 FM 1 Lead, No 3O3 FM 2 Lead  
  Synth Pad   Biig Saw Pad, Megaphatness Pad, Psycho Tables Pad, Revenge of Q Pad, Sweeper Saege Pad  
(nur Suite)
Ambient & Evolving Attack Pad, Moving String Pad, Slow String Pad, String Delay Pad    
  Bass String Tube Bass Bright Wah Bass, Cat Gut Bass, Clicky Organ Bass, Electric Basic Bass, Electric Damped Bass, Synth String Bass, Velo Drive Bass Fretless Bass, Square Wah Bass
  Effects Crackling Strings Abstract, Moving Space Alarm, Random Rhythmic String Abstract    
  Guitar & Plucked 12 String Chorus Guitar, Clean Basic Guitar, Clean Bright Guitar, Clean Chorus Guitar, Electric Nylon Guitar, Hard Picked Guitar, Harp Short, Harp Soft, Jazz Basic Guitar, Jazz Bright Guitar, Jazz Soft Guitar, Metal Reso Pluck, Mute Snap Guitar, New Age String, Nylon Basic Guitar, Nylon Flamenco Guitar, Nylon Mute Guitar, Nylon Old Guitar, Reverse Guitar, Single Coil Guitar, Tarang, Zheng    

Piano & Keys

Clav Bright, Clav Celesta, Clav Clean, Clav Clicky, Clav Mellow, Clavcimer    
  Strings Cello Strings, Ensemble Strings, Strings Quartet, Vintage Strings, Violin Strings    
  Synth Keys Ice Ballad Keys    
(nur Suite)
Ambient & Evolving Drifting Ambient Pad, Flux Capacitor, Grungey Ambient Pad Martian Ham Radio, Prehistoric VHS, Release Yourself, The Reveal Descenting Dreams, Embellish The Dead Zone, Kitchen Sync, Spacefolder, Tones From Nowhere, Venus Doppler
  Bass Altered Harmonic Bass, Bob's Place Bass, Grande Bass, Granite Face, Midnight Chase Bass, Super Sub Drone Bass Amber Low Glow, Forceful Ambition, Granite Shard, Hello Nueman, Mechanix Bass, Model D Solo, Particle Breakup, Poison Pen, Rawkus Wobble, Shockwave Bass, Slider Deep Bass, Sub Terrain, Yah Yah Mah Battery Acid, Before The Plunge, Calculated Bass, Effing Bass, Jupiter Plus Bass, Nasal Petroleum, Table Bass, The Hunter
  Brass Alphalog Brass, Flyte Time Brass   Brutal Quad Saw
  Effects Riser Windup Light Airplane Wave, Cletterling, Head Trip, Riser Section 8, Robert's Theorem, Rubbery Flick, Wait For It Digi Race
  Guitar & Plucked Arpeggiate Me, Banjorific, Pizza To Go   Eastern Dream Pluck, Pianositar
  Mallets   Ambient Element, Fizz Bells, Toy Marimba Bell Degrees, Flexibell
  Percussive   Tronic Snare  
  Piano & Keys FM Piano Detuned    

Synth Keys

A Soft Chord, GGP

12 CC's and Counting, A Degree Of Synth, Asure Skies, Change The Table Keys, Classic Analog Clavinette, Classic Juno Wave, Crystal Labyrinth Keys, Dulcimore Keys, Eastern Fifth, Helium Blockade, Here Kitty Kitty, Juno Organ Wave, Lush Roads, Moonscape Piano, Munster Funk, Noize of Art Flute, Oklahoma Corral, Pizza Go-Go, Saucery, Solar Flare, Tunnel Vision, Velocity Keys

Tell Me Sumthin' Clav


Synth Lead

Paisley Solo, Prog Regression, Trident Stab, Whisper Advantage Air Flute Magnus, Anger Management, Chaotica, Diagraph Persona, Folded Over, Levitate Lead, Lord of Clavichord, Munster Funk Solo, Nitrean, Spring & Sprung, Walkie Talkeez After Fade, Bright SAW Lead, Clear My Throat Lead, Collateral Damage, DiveBomb Lead Drop, Funk Wah Solo, Just Beat It, Kraven Ridge

Synth Pad

Analog Soft Pad, Aqueous Pad, Mellow Noise Pad, Morgen Pad, Sylvian Key Wayze Airlite, Andreas Wide Pad, Anna Pad, Atmos Pad, Endomorph, Evolution, Fadestepper Pad, Frantasmagoria, Mechanix Pad, Organic Lo-Fi Pad, Perseids, Pitchpadpluck, Replicant Sunset, Shapes & Saws Pad, Somewhere Deep In The 80's, Subtlepad, What's The Vector  
  Synth Rhythmic A Wobble Modwheel, Bass Grinder, Chasing The LFO, Chouncer, Maverick Pulser, Midnight Chase, Skatepark Dynasty Carpentry Skills, Chatterbox, Punch Bowl Dunk, Roller FM Bass, Tesla Riser Loop, Yayaya Molten Metal, Twinkle & Hold, Velocity Doubler, Wave Terminology

Pack-Inhalte mit MPE-Sounds im Bundle mit Push 3




Slide & Pressure

String Quartet MPE Glacial (Pressure)
MPE Intimate(Pressure)
MPE Spectral(Pressure)
MPE Glacial (Slide)
MPE Intimate (Slide)
MPE Spectral (Slide) 
MPE Glacial (Slide & Pressure)
MPE Intimate (Slide & Pressure)
MPE Spectral (Slide & Pressure
Brass Quartet MPE Erosion (Pressure)
MPE Intimate (Pressure)
MPE Vibrato (Pressure)
MPE Erosion (Slide)MPE Intimate (Slide)MPE Vibrato (Slide) MPE Erosion (Slide & Pressure)
MPE Intimate (Slide & Pressure)
MPE Vibrato (Slide & Pressure)
Expressive Choir     Choir: Ahh (Full Dynamic Range), Ahh (Loud), Ahh (Soft), Ahh & Mmm (Full Dynamic Range), Ahh & Mmm (Loud), Ahh & Mmm (Soft), Mmm (Full Dynamic Range), Mmm (Loud), Mmm (Soft)
Choral Moods: Ahh (Dramatic), Ahh (Intimate), Ahh & Mmm (Dramatic), Ahh & Mmm (Intimate), Mmm (Dramatic), Mmm (Intimate)
Hybrid: Abyssal Bells, Cavern Voices, Crystal Cove 5ths, Hybrid Ocean Pad, Saws and Voices, Vocal Romance, Voices to Noise
Session Drums Club   MPE Kit-BigPunchy, MPE Kit-BritishVintage, MPE Kit-BrushSizzle, MPE Kit-DarkPlateVerb, MPE Kit-DeepSnareDynamics, MPE Kit-LowLoudSquashed, MPE Kit-ResoClassic, MPE Kit-WarmAndLow  
Session Drums Studio   MPE Kit-AmbientLoudPunch, MPE Kit-BrightRoom, MPE Kit-ClassicMuffle, MPE Kit-ColdTightRoom, MPE Kit-CopStyle, MPE Kit-DirectNatural, MPE Kit-MultirodDry, MPE Kit-OldSchool, MPE Kit-RoomWithAVista, MPE Kit-SessionDry, MPE Kit-SteelyTight, MPE Kit-StudioBasic  

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